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Case Studies

Case Studies

We approach every case as unique, drawing on our expertise and experience and developing new techniques when necessary. Below are some examples of the work that we have done for our clients.

Art and Archeology:
Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination
The Archaic Mark
The Vinland Map
The Gospel of Judas

Failure Analysis:
Seat Belt Defect

Food Contamination:
Green Ham
Plastic in the Ice Cream

Forensic Science:
Gunshot Residue

Medical Device:
Imaging a Unique Set of Surgical Stitches
TEM Analysis of Stainless Steel for Stents

FESEM Analysis Cinches Case for Toothpaste’s Potential New Claims

Craters in Aluminum Cans
Delamination in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Common Tablet Problems
Delamination in Pharmaceutical Packaging